July 3, 2012

Random: Thoughts In The Mid of Rainy Noon

It's about 2:30pm here. And its raining a lot outside. Even the wind involved. And idk y i can smell pizza :p
I'm still bloggin via mobile. Actually I re-read my post yesterday and I were like, "geez, your eng is friggin lame, zzzz". So many mistakes here and there. Mayb its bcs i speak eng casually often to some overseas friends. We just speak our words out, dc about the grammar and such as long as we know what each other up to. I'm not goin to be an eng speaker anw so idc.
A test tomorrow. And 
I'm so effin lazy to study. Haha, such a bad student. Its about automation, prod system and CIM. I was slept all the time at class so what do I expect from myself..
Crap. I do talk much but I cant swept away thought of warm delicious pizza over my mind. Its cold and lonely (?) feelin suddenly comes up. I dont expect for what girls commonly need when its cold and lonely. My need is simple. Slice of pizza will be enough.

ps. Crap! I'm still fasting right now. Lmao.

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July 2, 2012

Random: Hi!

It's been so long since my last post. Well, idk, im just so lazy. Now that I found this app on market, blogger app, i can blog everywhere anywhere. Ehehehe, I love instant thing now ^^
Well, pictures below are the reason of my worst lazinesss kkkk.
Now that im over it, i'll post often. Hehe, TGIBA! (thanks God its blogger app :D)

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