This policy is valid from 01 August 2015.

I do not openly accept review requests, blog tours requests, and promotional posts. 

I only do review request (later will be stated as ‘Read for Review’), blog tours, and promotional posts in my own will. I will contact the authors or the publicists or parties that managing it for ARCs that I interest to review, blog tours, and promotional post that I interest to do. I usually contact them personally via email or by filling forms related to those events. I also joined Netgalley where I can request digital ARC of books that interest me.

Every book I review in this blog is mine except it is stated otherwise. I always disclose the source of given books or ARCs within my reviews. It is usually on top of the reviews right after the book title and the rating.

As I live in the country far enough from US and UK where most authors and publishers whose books I review live, I almost never ask for print books-ARCs and only ask for digital ones when I offer to do ‘Read for Review’. But I will accept print books or ARCs if given ones.

For every digital book and ARC that I receive for review, I will keep them for my own personal use except those that are set to expire by certain dates. Please note that I will not do anything illegal with them for my own profit. I receive the books for my honest review, so it will be the only things that I do with them: read it and honestly review it.

It is important to know that the source of the books or ARCs I review will never influence my reviews in any way, be it given or mine. My reviews are made of words coming from my sincere opinion and personal thought and it might contain positive or less positive things (after all I am human, I have my own likes and dislikes). But I always try to manage a good vibe within my blog by carefully picking up books to read or request to avoid reviewing books I do not like. To know more about how I review every book that I read, please visit my review and rating system page.

This policy may be updated or revised from time to time. Please check back to this page periodically.