This Policy is valid from 01 August 2015

Each and every published review and article on Let's Say It's a Blog is mine. And it always feels really good when people enjoy my posts and like them enough to share with others.

However, there are some guidelines regarding how to republish my posts on Let’s Say It’s a Blog in the right way:

  1. You always include links to the reviews/articles on my blog wherever you share the reviews/articles to.
  2. You may publish an unedited quote of 150 words or less from the reviews/articles and must adhere to policy #1 on this list.
  3. You may republish a partial post but it must be exactly as it appears on my blog with all links intact.
  4. You may republish more than 150 words of the original reviews/articles after you get a written permission from me.
  5. Full reviews/articles are not permitted to be republished without permission from me as blog owner. It means you do not have permission to copy my reviews/articles and reproduce it on another website.
Please refer to this policy every time you decide to share the content of this blog.