August 18, 2011

Personal Writing: Getting Older Beautifully

I’m getting older day by day, like today, I’m officially getting 1 yr older than before. Sad? Lil bit. Happy? REALLY! Idk, I know everybody doesnt want to gettin older (but they do, of course), but gettin older for me means so deep. I gain more trust and responsibility. It is not that bad, you know. Do not see thing from only a side, you’re not a kid. Trust, you get this, you gonna get a bunch of good friends. You’ll get such a feeling, always happy, feel comfort everywhere you stay. Responsibility, although heavy enough to maintain it but if you managed to do it, you'll get what you want. Honor, as a small example.

Well, I wont speech like I did yesterday, ha ha. I just wanna say a really BIG thanks to my Lord, Allah SWT for everything that You give to me. Mom, I do not know when I could return her affection. I never know. Gave birth to me, risking her life for my life. Dad, that took care of me but I’m such a stupid lamb, never realized how big his heart to keep me with patience. Sister and Brother that, well, youre mean sometimes but I know you both love me this big. And life, that I live with my reckless (Oh, God I’m so sorry) but I promise I won’t be that way anymore.
Today, with the number 19 is perched on my shoulder, I’m tryin to appreciate my life. And love it too. Because, well, you can not even create a life for an ant.

Happy Birthday, girl! You are loved and I know, you are good girl in a good place :)

August 17, 2011


August, 17th

Today is the independence day of the country where I’ve been stayed since 18 yrs ago. Indonesia. An archipelago country in South East Asia. Indonesia has so many natural resources but yeah, not the human resources. Well, we’re famous with that statement. But it’s been 66 yrs, don’t we want to change the statement? Don’t we tired of listening to it? Don’t we?
Well, not easy to invite all the people here to change. Back up to the 66 yrs ago! Take a breath is even very difficult before the August 17, 1945. We had no choice except involving ourselves in mass torture committed by the invaders. Look now, even it’s us who take over what invaders did, colonizing nations themselves.
I’m not in the middle of a independence day speech like what Mr President always do every yrs. I am just, well, trying to give my opinion on my own beloved country. I love Indonesia and I want it to change. Been 66 yrs ago and it’s still few of the things improved. The moral? I don’t have to say anything, you’ve seen.
Today, I pray to Allah. May Indonesia always stands still, keep growing, improving, and realizing that we are very rich in nature so we have to do a little more big step to give a change to this beautiful country. I know You love this country, You just want us to change ourselves 1st before You ‘change’ it.
So today, with all the love inside my heart, I say Happy Independence Day to you, Indonesia. I believe we can!

August 11, 2011

Favorites: The Remains of The Day

I just read a novel. Written by Kazuo Ishiguro, well, I first found out about him after I watched a movie titled Never Let Me Go that apparently wa based on a novel by him with the same title. Its perfect! I mean, The Remains of The Day (well, Never Let Me Go is perfect too). Great, I cant find right words to describe. It is totally perfect. In its own way. When I read it, I could imagine the village, the big houses, Darlington Hall with all the history in it, the scenery of the dock when it came to the night..

Indonesian version of The Remains of the Day titled 'Puing Puing Kehidupan'
Source: Me :)
I just want to give an advice: If you really love Great Britain and the way people talk there, well, just READ this book. You gonna love the choice of words that Mr. Kazuo used here. Trust me :)