August 18, 2011

Personal Writing: Getting Older Beautifully

I’m getting older day by day, like today, I’m officially getting 1 yr older than before. Sad? Lil bit. Happy? REALLY! Idk, I know everybody doesnt want to gettin older (but they do, of course), but gettin older for me means so deep. I gain more trust and responsibility. It is not that bad, you know. Do not see thing from only a side, you’re not a kid. Trust, you get this, you gonna get a bunch of good friends. You’ll get such a feeling, always happy, feel comfort everywhere you stay. Responsibility, although heavy enough to maintain it but if you managed to do it, you'll get what you want. Honor, as a small example.

Well, I wont speech like I did yesterday, ha ha. I just wanna say a really BIG thanks to my Lord, Allah SWT for everything that You give to me. Mom, I do not know when I could return her affection. I never know. Gave birth to me, risking her life for my life. Dad, that took care of me but I’m such a stupid lamb, never realized how big his heart to keep me with patience. Sister and Brother that, well, youre mean sometimes but I know you both love me this big. And life, that I live with my reckless (Oh, God I’m so sorry) but I promise I won’t be that way anymore.
Today, with the number 19 is perched on my shoulder, I’m tryin to appreciate my life. And love it too. Because, well, you can not even create a life for an ant.

Happy Birthday, girl! You are loved and I know, you are good girl in a good place :)


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