I started this blog years ago at first just so I could put all my random writing online and because my really crappy notebook ran out of blank pages (and because writing manually is kind of old these days… lol kidding!). But actually it feels so good when people read my writing because I’m not really a good vocal person. Then in late 2014 my bookworm-soul finally came back to its home and I began to review every book that I’ve read. I managed to take several of them (the not-lame ones. The reviews, I mean. You know, not the books) from my Goodreads account and post them here.

I am a really lazy blogger truthfully but mostly I just don’t know what to post here in my blog. People usually have a certain title for their blogs, like maybe online shop blog, cooking blog, poetry blog, fashion blog or book blog, or just anything with basically one certain focus. But I’m not like common people (yes, this is me denying my randomness and my lacking of organizing things).

So, even though I (lately and maybe gonna regularly from now on) post book reviews, this is not really a book-blog (unless you want to call it so, then thankyou!). Even though you could see I posted my rather embarrassing and lame 9th grader writings, this is not a ridiculous nerd’s blog either. Guess it’s safe to just...

Let’s say it’s a blog!
whatever it looks like for you ;)

Love, read, and review,

Cynthia D.