Who Me?

HI! (again) 
It’s really nice of you for willing to click this page in order to know more about me… (or more like you’re curious who is the unorganized chick who manages this blog). Well, whatever you have in mind, I’m welcoming you to my parade! :) 
*cheering loudly* 
*throwing confetti* 
*waving pom-poms* 
*getting kicked by blog neighbor* 

So, my name is Poppy Cynthia D. You can call me Poppy, Cynthia or Cyn. But you cannot call me D (it’s weird)! I’m 23 years old right now, Indonesian native, and a bachelor degree graduate with a major which path goes far far away from those of my hobbies. 

I love (block lettered, bold, and underlined) reading, writing (short stories that never get published, poems that very lame but I submit them on poetry contest on Goodreads anyway, random articles/opinions that I posted here not-regularly), and also sketching (mostly of romantic scenes from movies or simply book covers). 

This blog is the media to keep my sanity intact (lol) because reading and writing are two things I always loved ever since… forever. I couldn’t imagine living without doing both in my life. And I love to share my thoughts with others so this is where my blog plays important role. 

Hopefully you’ll enjoy your visit here and once again, welcome to my blog! :) 

Love, read, and review, 

Cynthia D.
P.S. It’s only cool if I get to know about you as well! :)
So if you want to waste your time or you wanna talk about books (the romance ones probably… or just any genre) or music or anything (but NOT the weather please…) just email me here or add me on goodreads here or just follow me on bloglovin (click on the button on the side bar).
I’m more than welcome to ‘meet’ new friends from all over the world!