December 9, 2011

Personal Writing: Heaven Doesn't Seem Far Away Anymore

Heaven doesn't seem far away anymore.

That’s part of Ron Pope’s A Drop in the Ocean lyric.
Well, and it makes me think like maybe i feel something. I mean, I don’t want to say I’m falling in love or such thing cause I am not. It’s just me, feeling different. Well, a guy, (once again I warn you, I am not falling in love or whatever you called ‘em), just listened to that song. A Drop in the Ocean. I never hear that song. So, I go to the search box and typed the title. The song playing on repeat right now in my room. It’s a love song, broken hearted actually. Idk, the lyric told us about a guy who really loves a girl till he feels like the girl is his only destiny in life. ‘till he said that she’s his only heaven. So heaven doesn't seem far away anymore. It’s right in front of him. The girl. Is it too much? I guess no. We ever fall in love. And when you go that way, it’s normal to say that kind of ‘over expression’ words, right? Oh just admit it.
But I dont want to talk about love. I said I am not goin that way.
Back to the guy who just listened this song. He is an idol. Well, a singer, exactly. He loves to share his interest of music or anything else. And his taste of music is great, I think. I love the ones that he loves. I listened to the song that he listened. Sounds like a follower? Yes, I am. Makes no sense? No, I guess. This is what I want to tell you. I kept following what he did. Well, listening to the same song, trying to love the same thing. Just want to ask: Am I that obsessed? Err, that one, I can’t answer. For the truth, I never really think about it but tonight, well, this late night, idkw, I am thinkin about it. Too much. I am like, Is it okay for me to go this way? way too obsessed? Is it good? Or does it affect me in a bad way? Or good way? Idk. These questions suddenly come to my mind like the rain falls. God.
Then, back to the song of Ron Pope. Maybe I feel different cause of this song. Well guess the lyric fits me a bit. On the 1st line,
Just a drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather,
I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert.
Well, yeah, was praying that might end up together but it feels like wishing for rain on the desert. Just like me. And the guy. Ha ha ha. How come the lyric doesnt fit me perfectly whereas it fits me right when I looked at him. It’s in the end of line. That..
Heaven doesn't seem far away anymore
Okay, I am too much.


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