December 7, 2011

Random: Breaktime Killer

Been so long ya.
I very am busy like ppl on wallstreet. Seriously, I’m busy. Doing this, that, everything. Busy like theres no time for me just to take a breath. Okay, its too much.
But idk, this time I really want to write something on my blog. Maybe I’m too much interest wit my new acc on tumblr. I kept reblogging and posting everything on it and slowly leaving this blog. But, for the truth, I really dont want to.
Tomorrow, like everyday on the past. A lot of assignments, a day full of classes, and every campus ‘thingy’ gotta force me to stay there till about 6pm. I dont want to saying something like, “God, i dont want this anymore” or whatever it is. I just think that, well, a guy ever said to me that life is hard or in bahasa, it is “Hidup Itu Keras”. Yeah, hes totally right about it, eventhough I know he never really right at other things.
Life is hard. It suddenly becomes such a tagline of mine. I could see a picture of me with that tagline under the pict and I was like, “Yeah” with such a ‘metal’ style. Crazy me.
But sometimes I really want to push the pause button. Like, pleasee God, let me doing other things that belong to my favs. And I am now. I have a lot of assignments for tomorrow but I prefer doing this than that. Ha ha. It’s rude.
But yeah, love it or not I gotta do that thing, the assignments I mean. Because things that you postpone, love it or not, theyll just stay there waiting for you. And you, whatever happens, gotta face them.
Yeah, I gotta face ‘em. My breaktime killer.


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