August 11, 2011

Favorites: The Remains of The Day

I just read a novel. Written by Kazuo Ishiguro, well, I first found out about him after I watched a movie titled Never Let Me Go that apparently wa based on a novel by him with the same title. Its perfect! I mean, The Remains of The Day (well, Never Let Me Go is perfect too). Great, I cant find right words to describe. It is totally perfect. In its own way. When I read it, I could imagine the village, the big houses, Darlington Hall with all the history in it, the scenery of the dock when it came to the night..

Indonesian version of The Remains of the Day titled 'Puing Puing Kehidupan'
Source: Me :)
I just want to give an advice: If you really love Great Britain and the way people talk there, well, just READ this book. You gonna love the choice of words that Mr. Kazuo used here. Trust me :)


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