July 23, 2011

Personal Writing: BEST DAY

Best day. People explain best day in so many ways. Some say best day is when they got a new job, or when they got such a promotion. Some say best day is the day when they meet half of their life, when it comes to the time for saying single vow of the marriage that theyve been dreamin of. Some say best day is day when they were one sec close enough to a car accident and saved by God. And some say best day is the day when they got a very big smile along that day. The point is, thats when everythin’s in the right way and they feel happy for it. So do I. I got a very much explanation of best day. I think its best day when I spent a full day wit mom and dad talkin about us. I think its best day when I could finally bought a book that I’ve been dyin for. I think its best day when I felt so comfort wit my pals and they felt the same way too. I think its best day when I met the guy that I’ve been watchin and found him looked at me then smiled. I think its best day when the cosmological coincidence got me met the right person. I think its best day when I knew I made an A in my fave major. Well, I describe best day based on how big smile that I got on my face that day.

Like today. I guess its a very best day of my life. Well, best day EVER. About 4 months ago I started a lab* called industry statistics. Its a very difficult lab to do. I mean, with all the regulations and the terms proposed and the report should be completed in just two weeks. It really hit my body and soul. Its really hard, you know. But Alhamdulillah, big thanks to my Lord. Today it all ends wit a big smile on my face! It TOTALLY ENDS today! YAAAY! I cant believe finally we came to the summit of all the stuffs. VERY BEST DAY. God. Youll have no idea how hard our efforts during this. It was superb! and when today comes, well, BIG thanks Lord.
Once again, I had a BEST DAY of my life. Mayb some say its not really ‘best’ but for me, Its wonderful! Like taste Swiss chocolate and theres noone to stop you. GREAT! I’d like to thanks to my friends from VII-B team. Youre the man, guys! Thanks for made it up, thanks for keep fighting with me till the end. Ha ha ha, This may be quite excessive and stupid, but I had fun with you guys and will miss the days when we felt stuck togetha and laughed to each other silliness. We’re friends and we’re totally a mess! x)
Well, i’m so happy, i’m totally glad. I think relaxing time is coming. I’ll do a very quality time on my own. I, well, need SLEEP! Lol :D

*) laboratory, one of Industrial Engineering Dept.'s most important activity.


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