July 11, 2011

Random: I Made The Story Tree (out of a Drama) :D

I spent this afternoon watching tv that showed korean serial. idk what the title is (and then i googled it, and found out that the title is You Are My Destiny, it took 20 minutes you know). i just watched. that was the same serial that i watched 3 days ago. watch it twice and i know the plot already. its unique, you know. if you watch it, you'll find its a very related story. i mean, one role wit the others is just so connected. when you knew that the “X” works at Mr Y’s office who has a fiancee named, lets say Mrs C, several minutes later youll know that Mrs C’s dad is step son of an old woman who lives with that X. weird, but funny. everybody is just soo connected. when it came to the credit title, i immediately took a paper and pen then began drawing. drawing? yea, i drew such a map of that serial’s storyline. i’m a weirdo? just say it. just so you know, i was too much curious what it looks like when i drew it all on a paper, the connection, i mean. 10 minutes elapsed and i giggled at myself. here it is..

Source: Me (obviously)
Ha ha ha, complicated huh? dont worry, just look at the inset that i wrote in the lower left. just zoom it if you cant read it. i tried to do my best wit the scanner already. anyway, i made up the name of the casts. not the original casts name. i didnt up to something, i just have no idea about their names, its in korean, i didnt get it. the only name that i know is the main cast, the girl whos one of Korean’s popular girlband called SNSD, Yoona, her cast name is Jang Sae Byuk (am i right?). youll find theres Diana Agron. Ha ha, I feel like i’m a bad girl. I have no idea, you know. the cast look a lot like Diana, the girl from Glee TV Series.
well, its just me who made it up. dont take it seriously, i mean, if you found theres a name that you know, sorry, its accidental. okay? :D


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