July 3, 2011

Personal Writing: Something Terrible Called Secretly

Well, something happen with my heart lately. Idk what it is. It just feel like always pounding so fast. It might be a disease but i'm not that sure. Something happened but I know, in a good way. My heart beating so fast when it comes to the right time, and place. When sound of the winds played slowly and peacefully fillin up my own lungs, thats when my heartbeat increase and idek if its gonna turn slow. You know, even its beating so fast right now.
I'm listening to Here I Am by Keenan, Tamra, David Morales. I love this song and the beat, its like cause my heart beating faster than before. Do I had such a heart disease?
Oh dude, if you know whats the reason behind it all, i bet you gonna say you had a heart disease. Please, dont scream, I know you will.
I'll tell you why,
1st, It's all because I'm in love
2nd, It's all because I'm in love... secretly
SECRET-ly. Its not beautiful or something else that you feel when you are really in love. I mean, cmon, its happen secretly, you do it secretly. Youre just in love in your own world, smile at your own face, laughin at your own silliness, weeping for your loses alone. Everythin that you do when the label "secretly" is on, well, you do it alone. Its crazy. But I'm on it.

The heart still beating so fast, it keeps beating till I realize I got tears in the corner of my brown eyes.
I hate the moment like this, in love so bad, but, secretly


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