December 2, 2014

Poetry: Friends We Are (not)

I recently joined this cool group on Goodreads called ¡ POETRY ! 
I was mesmerized by the awesome poets there and wanted to join/ruin the awesomeness with my crappy poem (okay, just laugh people, it's fine). I was tempted to submit my poem for December 2014 Goodreads newsletter (this is my second attempt) so I rummaged my old notebooks and found this poem I wrote back then when I was still in high school. I wrote them on bahasa so I translated them and made a change or two to some lines to make it 'shinier' lol...

Two wet eyeballs
Red pupils surrounded by black
He cries weakly, eyes to the sun

In silent I stay
Trying hard to grab him tight
But the sun’s shimmering down
Fast… fast like a light

No words sound fine
But I settle with one

Sorry, I’m sorry deeply

I give you my back when you ask my face, sorry
I leave you my scar when you ask a smile, I’m sorry
I toss you the candle when you ask for warm light, sorry
I take a step away when all you ask is for me to stay, I’m really sorry

It against my will, but
Why you let me anyway

When you stab my back, while I fight your reaper
When you dig my wound, while I call the clown
When you set me afire, while I fumble with lighter
When you proudly sing me elegy, while I hide to wail

That’s you
The more you push me, the meaner you make me
The meaner you got me,
That’s when we graft us with evils dressed like saints
Isn’t this what we want?
Let me be on my way,
I let you go through your way
Until the sun once again rises up
Until we harmonize in sweet rhyme

That we still want a label ‘friend’ each on our minds 

© 2014


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