September 19, 2012

Random: A Fangirl I Am

Hi! Wah I really am a very bad blogger ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Kept telling a crap about will post frequently since I had blog application on my mobile. But the fact, it remains the same. I did not post frequently.
So, I just woke up this AM. It is around 4:28 AM right now and I don't know what to do. I saw this blog app icon in the corner of my phone's main screen and it seemed like waving at me ㅋㅋㅋ. So I just dropped by to say few words in this early morning~

Lately I've been very busy in something called 'fangirling'. Well, yes I am a fangirl. I keep spazzing about my idols every nights and days through my spazzing account on some social network site. Idr since when I became like this. It's just happened. At first, I ever thought about is this thing good for me. I mean I seemed like to obsessed towards them. Became all alone burying my face on my phone' or laptop' screen to update my self about every single news related to them. It happened everytime. Everyday. My pals keep saying about me being such a girl full of her obsessions. .
Yeah, I did think bout it. But as time goes by I think I already can hndle this feeling. I mean, it is okay for having a me-time for fangirling. Nothing is wrong about it. It is just how you handle your self to not getting too involved on one thing for so long. You should keep them balance. That's why God creates 24 hours in a day.
Being a fangirl is not a crap. I mean, common people usually mark us as a bunch of obsessed-girls who can spend all their thing (money, time, energy) for some unnecessary things. Well, we are not like that. I mean yes we did spend some of our money, time and energy. But the 'unnecessary things' you called is not some random stuffs for us. To love somebody, of course we have to sacrifice. And we do that to our idols. It is not like they didn't notice what we already did to them. In facts, my idols are very kind persons who consider us not just as their fans but moreover as their friends.. they did thankful for having us on their side, cry easily when they saw us waiting for them in a horrible weather, feel touched to have us fill the spaces around them everytime they're on stage. This kind of feeling is important to us. We such have a very strong relationship not as idols-fans but friends-friends.
Especially my idols who kindly present a very beautiful songs for us on their new album. Thanked us first when they got awards on a precious event.
I fall in love with their hearts not only because of their adorable looks or captivating performances. And I never regret being one of their fangirl. I know people commonly will get over thing after a long time. But I know I won't. I never involved deeply in something. But I know, being a fangirl is a choice. And I choose this path while living my life.
HAHAHA, am I being too dramatic? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Well, so I said I just want to say few words. But it ended up I poured so many waters to the glass ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Idk whats wrong with me so I keep saying these kind of words.
So, enough I think. Now it's around 5AM and I really have to get up from my bed. So many things to do in this morning and I want to feel the fresh air first outside.
Have a great day ahead people! ^^

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