April 10, 2015

Poetry: Cherry Blossom Tree

So, you were intrigued by the cliche title of this poem or what that you got trapped in this page? Lol... please pardon my lame joke.
Well, the inspiration to write this piece came from one Sunday afternoon when I looked outside my bedroom window and my eyes caught some leaves (not the cherry blossom ones, certainly. They were just some mango tree leaves) fell down. And I just read an article about Cherry Blossom started to bloom in Canada the night before so I thought it would be cool to write one about it. 
As usual I submitted this poem to GR in attempt to join the January 2015 Goodreads Newsletter contest (and as usual not chosen awesomely but I'm happy anyway). So far, I think this poem is my best favorite because I actually can picture the scene in my head while writing this and it's so so sweet and brings comforts into my mind <3

Cherry blossom tree in summer;
All its leaves has left the branches
You wither, sweaty under the sun
I put umbrella sheltering you, one
And two is your smile
Creating a roof as you kiss me once,
Kiss me again, deeply in our mind

Cherry blossom tree on spring;
When the leaves start to bloom
We sit fixedly on its root
Big flowers-small flowers looming over us two
Wiggling eyebrows and toes
You lean on its trunk as you lead me to lull

Cherry blossom tree on autumn;
As its leaves fall on due
We lie down without a roof
Arms open crisscrossing our back
Holding on childish promise in salute
You’ll fight the beast, I’ll fight with you

Cherry blossom tree on winter;
Snow-covered leaves hanging on each tip
I shiver from wind, I shudder of chill
You wrap a quilt,
Around my back and stop under my chin
Transferring heat without a sin
Spoiling me into a dream

Cherry blossom tree with no leaf,
Or blooms or falls or dithers, all in cycle
Leave its body carve-less
‘Cause by hurting comes no good memories
But embrace the body we do
Right fingers to your lefts
Left fingers to my rights
So nothing can stand between us
Except the sweet cherry blossom tree

© 2015


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