December 9, 2015

Book Review: Princess of Athelia (Unfinished Fairy Tales Novella) by Aya Ling

Princess of Athelia (An Unfinished Fairy Tales Novella)Princess of Athelia by Aya Ling
Rating: /5

*A complimentary digital copy of this book was received from the author*

Genre: YA (Fantasy, Retelling)
Pub. Date: November 15th, 2015

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Taking place at the time nearing the ending of its previous book, The Ugly Stepsister, Princess of Athelia told a piece of story after Katriona (or Katherine) had convinced herself that the only happiness needed to end the story is to find the happiness for herself. Giving up her initial goal to get Cinderella and the Prince fall in love, Kat braved her heart to admit the truth she had within. That she, too, felt the same way Prince Edward did about her. Edward sure was more than elated, and good thing his parents, King and Queen were happy as well ‘cause his son had finally agreed to tie the knot. Engagement was on schedule, preparation after preparation started to take place everywhere around the palace, princess lessons were delivered to Kat in dizzying regularity, and last, the wedding was in tow, ready to unite both Edward and Kat in holy matrimony. The wedding should have been the day they couldn’t wait, yet this couple dreaded that very day since the wedding bell would not only confirming their marriage but would also be the last thing Kat would ever hear in Athelia. As the day getting closer, they agreed to make the remaining months of their togetherness happy ones. But while Edward was ready for whatever kind of ending would happen, Kat still could not shake the feelings of guilty: guilty of leaving him, guilty of the possibility of breaking his heart. Add some pressures Kat had to shoulder as princess-to-be and doubts people planted on her mind for being an unpopular second-daughter of an earl, Kat could not be any guiltier and more insecure about her current position. But just like Kat’s growing worries, Edward’s faith to her did grow as well. And whatever would happen in the end, the Prince was determined to show her just how much she worth to be his Princess.

Craved Romance
Reading this novella brought back so many good memories I had with The Ugly Stepsister. I craved for more Eddie-Kat moments more than the author could give in book 1. So imagine my happiness when Aya decided to give us that through Princess of Athelia. Just like before, the romance between the main characters is built smoothly. I love how the couple interact. How they could be so darn sweet without being too cheesy with each other. Edward just makes me fall for him harder the more I read about him. But who wouldn’t when he is his usual charming, calm, and caring Prince-personality. And to top it off, he is just so in love with Kat making me all melting inside with his sincerity to love her knowing the risk... Kat with her unladylike manner trademark never stop to amuse me. Her kindness and social-awareness are always such interesting story to follow.

Other Interesting Points
I love it that this retelling story do not just retell the famous romance part only. I like how Aya always touches social issues during old period, like labor child during TUS, and now the equality of both gender to receive education in this book. The issues always meet realistic resolutions in the end which I really appreciate.
For a novella, Princess of Athelia is satisfying enough in my opinion. I like the neat plot, enough twists thrown in, and still so many other issues covered well. Wrap it all in smooth writing style, then we got a quick heartwarming read to enjoy. But of course, you better read the TUS first to easily relate the story.

Final Thought
The ending is oh so good, it makes me realize just how much I love this couple and never want to part with them. I’m also so darn curious about the continuation of Henry and Elle’s future. Lucky for us there’s the sequel of TUS coming soon! Ever After hopefully would answer all my curiosity and feed my thirstiness of Eddie-Kat moments. But for now, I think I should be happy enough with re-reading TUS during my waiting :)

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