March 6, 2016

Anything Post: I'm (Hopefully) Coming Back for Good!

Let's Say It's a... A..Anything! is a feature where I post random things like some babbling or random discussions about anything.

HELLO.... from the other side!

I've been meaning to post this thing I want to say since weeks ago but things keep getting on the way so.. yeah.

I know I've been away for too long. Told I'd be coming back on February but it's only now that I could actually pull myself out of my work-cave to check my blog out and clean all the cobwebs in the corner... It's been a hectic month last February and a very lonely month as well without me being able to read any book properly in peace. And I could feel it within me that it started making me a little desperate each day that reading seems to be such a luxury these days for me. Not to mention all those ARCs that still sitting neatly untouched on my shelve...

So I'm making a change now!

Living as a banker is really fun. But I'm not letting it lessen my quality time with all my books!

I'll come back with my TBR list next week and will post reviews again as often as I could. I might not be able to post all the unique features here like I used to before but whenever I got some little free time I'll dedicate it for reading and managing this blog! (I'm so fired up here!)

I'm really sorry that I seemed to neglect this blog when maybe some of you still want to make some visits here. I'm THANKING all of you guys for that! While I won't blame those who left this blog as well. 
I know being a book-blogger requires high dedication and I'm trying my hardest here. I'm still pretty new in this book blogger-life so I guess I still need to learn more. Balancing my life here and the one on the other side of the screen is pretty challenging and could get very tough at times but both are my life and am not picking side here.
I witnessed so many book-bloggers out there who's successfully managing their blogs to be so big when many of them have jobs and even kids to be taken care of. Guess I can do it too? 

Thank you for all of your visits!
Hopefully we'll meet often here again from now on!
xoxo :)


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