January 22, 2012

Personal Writing: Lessons Learned from We Got Married

Lately I’m busy in downloading some episodes of a South Korean variety show: We Got Married.
Well its kinda show where two people, a man and a woman be a couple and live several months together as “married” couple. Every week they’ll get missions to be completed and through this they’ll get closer each other. I love this show totally because, well, theyre sometimes being such a fool and cute and shy when they have to do everything together like a married couple. There are some lessons too that people can get by watching this variety show. It is like how to praise or treat each other as a couple.
Seeing them on this variety show makes me thinking that being a couple (not yet a married one) is really difficult. It’s not like, you just need to act good to them or such, it’s more than that. It’s about how to decrease your ego facing problem that come between you two, because it’s like a two handed-glass, you need the others’ hand to hold the glass while you hold the other side.
By now, I love my thought about it’s better if people doing this variety show before they become a real couple. Because there are so many things that have to be learned. And sometimes learning is become easier if you use the fake situation, isn’t it?


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