February 3, 2012

Favorites: Domino

 I’m falling into something real and I can’t stop me 
I’m knocking over everything and you just caught me 
From start to finish I promise I’m in this 
Just wanna let you know, yo
I’m falling like a domino
 That’s part of Domino lyrics by Brian Joo. Actually, I never really pay much attention to his music but this song really took my heart. I love the lyrics, the way he tell us his feeling towards this song is totally romantic. Well, I love romantic guy but it feels different. Maybe thousand people outside saying that they might fallin in love just by one song. And I do too. But this song is really, idk, different? Feels like the guy is totally begging for the girl’s love. Never stop promising that he will never ever leave her. Many girls would fall for this words. I commonly not that easy to fall for words but this time I do.
Falling like a domino.You know domino? When the 1st one fell down, it fell upon the next one, and next, and next, till the end of dominos. It cant be stopped till it’s really reaching the end point. Falling in love like domino totally means soooo deep. You start fall for a girl, then you really cant stop yourself to fall for her till the end of time. You just keep falling, don’t care what will happen with you, don’t care what obstacles that you might face, don’t care as long as you fall for the same heart. Isn’t it romantic?
Brian Joo is really brilliant musician. This song is great, with his voice it becomes stronger and deeper. You can’t stop yourself to not loving him just by listening to his voice. If you curious about it, try to listening to this song, try the other songs too, Let This Die, for example, will make you crying all night long. The meaning inside the song let this die is way too deep, even you’ll feel like you lose your heart. Too much ya, ha ha ha
Well, Domino. I guess it’'ll be one of my favorite word from now on. Then when people asked what type of guy you want to marry, I’ll just say like a domino.
Once it falls down, it can’t be stopped, keep falling part by part, always stick forever, till the end point, till it’s time to let it stopped by.