February 13, 2012

Personal Writing: “Make Sense” - Conversations

Do you ever feel bored during a conversation?
Well, everybody does. Even when the things that being the topic of the conversation is things that you think it’s stupid to talk about. It’s like you are big fans of Red Hot Chili Pepper but people next to you is busy talking about new-formed girl band. You will be like, “euuh, I’m going crazy”. But now, what if the people you talk with is the special one, or you think he/she is? I bet you won’t say things like euuh or ck or sssh or such.
Well, sometimes thing like this happen in one’s life.

“Stupid conversations make sense when you’re talking to someone special”

I (not) accidentally found that statement. Well, I experienced it lately. So, I thought that these kind of statement must be exist and yes it is. It’s kinda cute, isn’t it? Ha ha ha, stupid me. But yeah, I were sitting that day and that one came so we involved in a lil conversation. Actually the things that being the topic isn’t something that I hate the most but I felt like, “why should this one?” but time goes by and I were like, “what is this?”. I kinda enjoyed it and as the statement above, It make sense. Then I gazed at that one and there was such a “click” sound in my head, “Is this one special?”. I was shocked cause that one is the unexpected one.
Stupid conversations make sense when you’re talking to someone special. God, I guess theres someone who keep shouting this statement in my head. I must be crazy. Actually I’m not the type of person who easily amazed by things. So it’s way too shocking for me.
Well I think I have to say this to myself. Maybe stupid conversations make sense when you’re talking to someone special, but you don’t really know what special means here. Maybe it’s not special the way people in love think, maybe special means that the person is really good in leading conversation. That’s what attract me so. I guess I start loving people who leads conversation well, cause actually I’m not one.
Because when you build a conversation with someone else, that’s how you assess each other.
Convenient or not, that’s what lead you to conclude the convos makes sense or not.