January 28, 2014

Personal Writing: I (Wish, I) Met You IRL

Hi! Been a long time, huh? I am not going to make any excuses why I didn't post anything these past several months cause I did reason out often. Lol. I just rummaging some folders on my phone and I found this writing from November last year. I am pretty sure I was about posting it right away after I finished it but apparently did not. So I am thinking about posting it right now. I think it's kinda cute. It supposed to be posted on November 6th last year. Kris's birthday. But posting it right now won't harm either I guess, so here it is.. ^^

I went to LAX yesterday. It was for meeting someone I like. I had no idea who’s that person, I just waited for him. I stood in front of the main arrival gate. International arrival gate. He must be from abroad. But actually I had no idea how come I could be in LAX, while I’ve never been in LA before, like ever. But yeah, there I was, waiting for someone I don’t know in the place I’ve never been before. There were some girls who was waiting with me there. Those cute type girls who has been constantly appeared among crowds whenever some idols go to an airport. They were wearing such a cute dress, pony-tailed, or wavy hair with cute rainbow bandana. They looked so chic yet elegant. I wasn’t realized what I was wearing until I saw my reflection on the mirror. I was wearing piped jeans with simple t-shirt and opened shirt on the top of the t-shirt. Really casual, I guessed. But I don’t know why, I had an idea that this style was his favorite, that guy I’ve waited for. Oh how I feel like Joah on Jae Bum’s music video.
I stomped my feet on the ground lightly, with both hands inside my jeans pockets. There was no sign that he would appear anytime soon. And out all of sudden, something in the air came out of the gate. Like balloons and fans.
What the hell, I thought.
But it was not strange for the others. Those cute girls were surrounding me out of sudden and tried to reach some that flew by us. I did the same in the end and got some balloons. The balloons were really cute, it has furs on it and very fluffy. I felt like snuggling my face on it. Suddenly a girl came out and told us that today was free balloons day at LAX. They even gave out some chocolates. I tasted one, it was extremely sweet and nice. Confusing for me since I was never been a fan of chocolate. The giveaway event lasted for some good minutes before the crowds dismissed and just like before, it was just me and some girls who waited in front of the main gate.
I was still in the middle of chewing the chocolate when I heard people whispering from behind. I turned my head and two girls kept whispering to each other while one of them pointed out my direction. I thought it was me but their sights were not directing at me. I turned my head back and finally understood what those girls meant in the first place. In front of me, there was a guy, a tall guy wearing black jacket with grey t-shirt under the jacket. He was so tall that I thought I was standing in front of a wall. It was because he stood only some good centimeters in front of me. We were that close that some girls joined the first two girls I noticed, giggling and whispering something over him. I looked up and he looked down on me. He was wearing black spectacles and I noticed his blonde hair parting right in the middle.
What a weird hairstyle, I thought to myself.
I never really like that kind of hair style. I even used to hate them for some reasons. I was about to stepped aside since he was blocking my way by standing in front of me like that.
I was here to wait for someone, I thought, and obviously it was not this guy who’s standing right in front of me at this moment because I swore to myself I never met him before.
Right when I stepped to my right, he took a step to his left so that we were practically standing next to each other again just like before. I wanted to take a step aside again to my left but I heard he voiced out,
Don’t even think to step aside again”.
His voice was cold and thick. Those type of voice that left big impression during speech contest. It somewhat made me stood still. I was too afraid to do anything and just stared blankly at his face. I saw his right thick eyebrow went up a bit.
Is he angry?, I thought to myself.
It was so wrong. Me, being afraid in front of a stranger for no particular reasons like this was ridiculous.
I.. actually you, you’re kind of blocking my way that’s why…
I’m not. I never be”, he just cut my words by his short sentences.
But.. you are.. I’m waiting for someone now, and he might be already come at this very moment but you blocking me this way would make him not seeing me”, I just blurted it out.
Then he giggled.
Wait what?
He was giggling at me. It was obvious. He even put one of his hand to cover his mouth.
This is stupid, I thought.
Suddenly I heard a ‘click’ sound inside my head. His voice was so familiar. Too familiar that I was so comfortable talking to him. I looked up at him again. He stopped laughing already.
You really don’t know, do you?”, he said.
My head was doing quick search about his voice.
It must be somewhere I met him before… or heard him before… but where?
And next thing he did, shocking myself out.
He took his spectacles off while grabbing one of my hand.
It was me who you’ve been waiting for all this time. Got it now?”, he said that lightly but I was just too shock to answer…
He was Kris.
That guy who I have waited for almost an hour was Kris
That guy who were standing in front of me and even playing stupid step move with me was Kris.
He was Kris Wu all this time.
I felt my body became light all of sudden and everything was so bright that it hurt my eyes. I didn’t remember anything then. Next thing I knew, I was sleeping next to my phone with happy birthday, kris written on the screen. And it was nowhere near LAX.
Oh, what a stupid dream, I laughed to myself.