March 6, 2014

Personal Writing: Silly I know, but.....

Do you ever fall in love...

So deep that your heart can't stop pounding so fast only by seeing her/his face on the photo for the very first time?

So deep that all you could think of what is she/he doing at the moment you think of them even though it was only 1 hour since you first know her/him?

So deep that you spent all night reading her/his writing-everything somewhere and still can't get enough that you want to spend another night doing the same thing?

So deep that you cry upon her/his every writing, no matter what the content was, you cry because her/his beautiful chosen of words, you cry picturing her/him on your mind writing those things while thinking and blinking her/his eyes sometimes?

So deep that you can't even control your tears and still crying silently though you already reached the posting date section on the bottom of the posts?

So deep that it is suffocating you just by imagining the so-little-possibility day you finally able to meet her/him in person for the first time?

So deep that you are able to ignore it when your music player shuffled to rock and instrumental melody minutes to minutes, even crying when the rock music played?

So deep that you don't even care even if your top 10 favorite biases present in front of you cause you prefer closing your eyes, picturing her/him in your mind?

So deep that you just wanna do, choose, use, love, read, listen to, write what she/he does, chooses, uses, loves, reads, listens to, writes too?

So deep that you can't help but feeling scare, worry, and insecure whenever she/he mentioned other guy's/girl's name because strangely you want her/him just for yourself only?

So deep that...
you don't even realize that you did all those things above because of someone who only God knows whether she/he aware of your existence because you both never meet each other like ever before?

Boo me, I do now.


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