October 20, 2014

Poetry: Time

So, I was inspired to write this poetry by the latest post of my idol Wuyifan on his instagram. It's been a while since he last updated his account so I was kind of hysterical when I first saw it. He only said one word: 'time' and it was enough to drive me insane because.. HELLO? It's been centuries since we, the meigeni, heard about him and here he is only saying one word on his comeback. I then decided to write a poem about it. Well, at last knowing he's not leaving his instagram account (which would definitely making us Int'l fans freak out and clueless) is enough to make me happy. And he's so cool in that photo so he's forgiven anyway <3

As you chose your way
I think you wanted to be away
Along with you, my all hopes and dreams, drifted away

I was praying to God you’d come back someday
I was on my knees crying and murmuring
your name on display
All I could think of was you don’t appear at day
Nor night whenever I did my pray
I could only blame time in this play

I was not ready when you were all brave and challenged
I just hoped you don’t leave but then again, who am I to command?
Again, in time I put the sharp blame

I kissed the air in order to breathe your scent
I was all fire and in a total upset
But again, this is you on set
I breathed in, I have fallen for you I swear 
And again, blaming time felt so fine

I have waited for you
Still waiting, my heart’s crew
My purest little dew
Time, all the blames, that’s your due

But then it all happened so suddenly
You came back, sounded so softly
Smiled heartily
Oh boy, I miss you and it’s a lofty

You said ‘Time’
What’s with time?
It’s on the blame, right?

'No', your voice was strong
I pursed my lips, baby you’re wrong

'No', again you said, 'time wasn't on the blame, isn't and won't be'
‘Time was hard, but it moved forward and dragged me along to fight and see’
‘Time led me to another realization, that things that we were, are never always the things we later will be’
‘Time broke us apart for a moment, only to let us meet again in a much better shape’

'I did leave, but not leaving you'
‘I just need my time to bend and all prepared for you’
‘Time heals, remember?’
‘It did, that’s why I’m here now’
‘To witness your every brave moves, to reply all your sweet I-love-yous, to appreciate all the ever so pretty twinkling stars, my every you’

I put a hand on top of my lung,
it’s pounding fast and you know why.

I’m sorry. Time it is.
Time heals, even to my liver.
I inhale your smell and eyes set to your eyes, flicker.
Indeed, this is the man I love for forever.

© 2014


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