May 15, 2014

Personal Writing: A Respect to Decision Makers

People made decisions everyday. Some did it good. Some didn't. Some went through so many things to get into the final decision. Some just had the idea popped up on their minds during shower. I am not different either. 
The first ever decision that I made on my own was when I had to choose the major in University. Ever since I was in elementary school I just went with the flow of my surroundings. Like when most of my friends chose to continue their studies at 'A' Middle High, I did too. Same things happened when I chose Senior High School. I just never really had my own preferences back then. I simply thought that what most people chooses is what best for me as well.
So, during my final year of high school when we had to make our decision to choose what major we'd be learning, I chose to be different. When most of my friends were fighting for medical science, I chose this one Engineering Department for good. And as much as confident I were when choosing this, I had my ups and downs that sometimes led me up to the boredom and even regret.
There were days when I felt so blessed that I chose this faculty because of so many good things and exciting experiences happened to me. I did regret once, but it was not to the extent I wanted to restart everything all over again. I just wondered what if I chose another faculty and so on. But I never really wanted to leave what I started. I am not that kind of person. Well, boredom might come once or twice. It is natural since we're all human who has limit to everything. We just need to take a deeper breath, get over it, and continue where we had paused. 
Back to making decision, it is never an easy thing to deal with. Like I said, some people might went through so many things just to make sure they chose the right flower to brighten their loved ones. To make such simple decision, they gave it all their best. I appreciate that kind of people a lot. For me, they seem taking things seriously, not just seeing it as some random things they're dealing with.
I, myself, always make a decision in a serious way. I considered so many things before coming to the final choice. Sometimes people might see me as a person who didn't make her decision seriously. People can judge, but they would never know what made me choosing this path I am walking on. They might think I carelessly made my way but I know what I do, and I know I have God with me in every decisions that I made. I respect people's opinion because I believe every human being has their own preferences and says. But I respect myself more and I respect the opinion from the people I love. I make my decision based on what my heart and soul feel right, based on what people I love say what fits me better, upon my continuous prays and hopes to God. Those three things, I believe will always lead me into making the best decision for my life.
The reasonings behind every decisions are going in a various way and as mysterious as one's heart, I don't think we have the rights to judge whether it's good or bad. We will never know what made them choose their way unless we ever been in their shoes and see from the same spectacles. Well, who knows that the decisions they made may not be the ones they want as well but under some circumstances, they have to choose that way. So, isn't it better to let people has control on their own lifes as long as they don't cross the boundaries as well? Just, you know, as the respect to every decision makers out there.


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