March 23, 2015

ARC Review: A New Day at Midnight by Michelle Hiscox

A New Day at Midnight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received a digital ARC of this book from Bookkus Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

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“You are not a monster. I believe you are lost.”
(Hannah Marie; Chapter XV, A New Day at Midnight)
What a beautiful story!

I dove right in the book without any expectations other than the romance vibes. When I read the blurb, I could say that this book contain enough level of romance I always want in a book. And… damn if this book didn’t captivate me!
I had a hard time getting myself into the story at the first five chapters but found myself can’t stop flipping the next pages from chapter 6 to the end. A New Day at Midnight is a historical paranormal (thriller, if I may add) story that could make you craving for more!

Hannah Marie Worthington had been fighting the urge to giving up her life since ages ago. No, it was not because she’s one weak creature. Since her mother passed away, she practically took over the role as a mother for her baby sister, Kat. The irresponsible mean person called her father did nothing but adding the ugly parts on her already rough life. Hannah was always the one who had to work hard every single day yet she was the one who always got hit day and night by the drunken father. Hannah had no idea why. Her father might be already that mean to her ever since she was born to the world but ever since her mother passed away, it was just getting worse and worse. Only Kat, only Kat could brought her composure to keep going and keep living. 
One fine day, the appearance of a mysterious boy to Marion County along with the Romani carriages seemed like an oasis in her never-ending desert-like life. The smile, the beautiful flowers he gave her that day was nothing like she’d ever seen before. But then one night changed it all. The hope swelling in her heart cruelly crushed when people of Marion knew her secret meet-up with the Romani boy. It only took one night, seemingly, for her heart to bloom only to die again before the sun rose up. 

Ten years went by. Hannah had become one strong-willed beautiful woman. She was no longer the sixteen years old pathetic girl who couldn’t stop weeping over her first love, the midnight stranger. Yes, she could still feel her heart ache every time the memory of that night passed by on her mind: how the boy smiled at her, how warm his embrace… how he died right in front of her. But Hannah now had a plan lay in front of her eyes. Less than a year, she and Kat would be able to leave the devastating place called home and their awful father behind. They could go anywhere, live anywhere, do anywhere, just the two of them. But again, life had a habit of directing her life in unexpected path. She came home one day only to find out her father sold her to be a bride. To a stranger. She’d even never met. A dark devil, if she might add. Gone now the plan she had with Kat. With the dreading she felt for the coming future, she could only let Merik Hearne take her away from home ―from Kat in exchange for several coins to keep her sister’s life good. What left now? Her life was in the hand of the dark King with marred face who later revealed different purpose of taking her away from Marion. Was there ‘happiness’ written on her book of fate somewhere? Hannah had no idea, really. But one thing, though. The more she knew Merik, the more she saw someone who stole her heart in his presence. It was surely a silly thought, right? Only the world she faced now was not the simple one like she had back in Marion with Kat. This one filled with so many untold mysteries and so many unrevealed truths as well. And when revelations came hitting her from every direction, Hannah found out that she was standing in front of choices ―something she never had in life. Could she make the right one? When trusting someone became harder and her heart at stake; could she make the right choice?

Well, such a long synopsis I wrote but I can guarantee there are no spoilers there.
I actually have very little experience with historical books and read only a few of paranormal books. And when I first found out that A New Day at Midnight was the combination of these two genre, I was surprised ‘cause I really enjoyed every single scene of this book. I had a hard time getting my mind into the story at first because of the unfamiliar setting (being a historical book and such…), but when I finally immersed into the book completely I found it really hard to stop reading.
I love both main characters, Hannah and Merik. Hannah is the type of heroine that with no doubt became my favorite right away. Her strong wit, rational stubbornness, and yet very lady-like manner were only few of characteristics that make her outstanding than any other heroines I ever met. I love it that even though she went so much already in her life, she could still manage to be the personality her mother wanted her to be. I felt so touched by her strong adoration for her mother and sister, Kat.
“Where is home, Hannah?”
“What a ridiculous question. Home was my mother. Home is my sister.… Home is the place I choose to call so.”

(Chapter XVII, A New Day at Midnight)
And God, Hannah is so loyal to those who she loved. I swear, my heart swelled a bit every time I witnessed her stubbornness and never-ending loyalty to Merik Hearne.
“Whatever fears I may hold, know I do not fear you. Not you.”
(Hannah Marie; Chapter XVII, A New Day at Midnight)
No matter how cold Merik’s demeanor towards her, no matter how many times he pushed her buttons, no matter how dark the real Merik could ever be. Still, her love for Merik never changed after everything.
Merik Hearne might not be your favorite type of hero. He’s not mindblowingly gorgeous in appearance like most heroes. He has a very cold personality and a bit heartless it seems. But knowing his background, I hardly felt any hatred for him. Instead, when he’s around Hannah, he seemed to indicate bit and pieces of gentlemanly behavior. I could feel how Merik struggled a lot with wanting Hannah, resenting her, yet at the same time didn’t want to hurt her. People might feared him, see him as heartless King and all, but really, he was still an insecure boy inside. And who doesn’t love insecure hero?
Oh God, just how much I LOVE their banters!!!!!!! Hannah might not mind showing Merik what she felt in her heart, but she refused to just accept Merik’s cold treatment towards her. She could snap replies to just everything Merik had said to her to the point that even Merik found her amusing. Omg omg omg, I could never get enough of these two exchanging ‘smart-ass’ replies to each other!
Even though romance seemed to dominate major parts of the book, Ms. Hiscox had done a fascinating job slipping the thriller parts as well as putting the paranormal related scenes to the frame. Despite the similar characterization of ‘paranormal being’ that was featured here, the author bravely threw a new term to frame: Vetala. I thought it was just the same as vampire. Then I did a research on Wikipedia and found out that no, it’s not the same (a bit scarier, anyway). This is the first, I think. But I wish this new term was described more detail on the book so people wouldn’t make the same mistake as me (or maybe it was just me because I’m gonna admit it that I didn’t really pay much attention to the history of Merik’s ancestor… Not because it was boring or what, really. I just hate history).
This book brought me to a really enjoyable roller-coaster ride. It made me weep over the hard life Hannah and Kat had been leading for years, made my heart ache for the fierce loyalty Hannah showed to Merik, made me go aww for the chemistry between them both, and… made me laugh most of the time! Especially during the banters (where Hannah seemed to always forget her lady-like manner) and the scenes where Merik’s mischievous siblings were involved. I really liked Stephan, Anya, and even Nicolai. Perhaps, we could see these siblings having their own stories one day…*wink*
So, yes, five stars for A New Day at Midnight! Michelle Hiscox is new author for me but I have to say I’m really really satisfied with this one. Thanks for letting me read such a beautiful story! :)

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


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