January 30, 2015

Book Review: Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan

Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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So, people, kindly send Archer to me and I’ll devote my life to guide, protect, and love him as fierce as I can…

And I MEAN it. Really.

Seriously, I was (―and am) still in cloud nine with Calder when I started reading Archer’s Voice. And I thought there’s no way Ms. Mia could have a sweeter hero character after Calder but… oh my God. Archer. Goodness. Archer is wayyyyyy sweeter than the sweetest guy I ever met in my entire book-life!!
So this book, just like the rest of A Sign of Love series books, is inspired by astrological sign which is Sagittarius. Archer Hale is a man who lives under the veil of dark agony over the past sixteen years. At the age seven, he lost both his parents and his vital element of life ―his voice, through a rather tragic accident. Archer lived with his uncle since then who was a former soldier with an unstable mental causing him to live under imaginary terror. The unstable mental of his uncle causing them to live under imaginary terror with his uncle had set traps around the house and stocked great amount of foods instead of taking Archer out to social life. Archer was raised under the rock by his uncle that in the end he had no school or friends and definitely no social life all the time. His uncle had died when he was nineteen years old, leaving him to live alone and dealing life with the unsocial character built within. People in the town chose not to bother him just like Archer chose to keep the distance with outside world. Nobody bothered trying to talk with him even though Archer had taught himself a sign language for years. Nobody just cared for an isolated man like him. Archer was actually fine and been busying his days by doing small projects around his house that involving woods. His life was simply lonely like that, until someone came to his life and slowly and painfully opening the veil above him.
Bree Prescott is a woman who traveled all the way from Ohio to quiet town of Pelion, Maine with the aim to find a peace over the shadows of one horrifying night that had been haunting her for months. When she first arrived there she had no idea that the town later would not just offer peace to her life but wholly changed her as well. Bree first met Archer through a rather embarrassing encounter when her supplies ―that included advil, several Almond Joy candy bars and… tampons― that she had just bought in the pharmacy rolled over to Archer’s feet. He kindly helped her pick them up but she noticed how unexpressive the guy only to found out later that he couldn’t speak. The more she knew him, the more she attracted to him in a way that nobody ever did toward him. Bree was speechless by the way Archer managed his life for years, isolated and utterly unsocial. When she found out that some awful things had happened to Archer in the past, she went around trying to gather information from the people around her but no one really knew the complete actual story of Hale’s family. And there was no way Archer would voluntarily tell her the history of his family. Bree knew better to not pushing him, as she herself knew how displeasing it was to be taken back to the miserable moment of life. And his was obviously much worse than hers. But she felt different with Archer. Archer was not only helping her to find the peace but also offering the comfort and protection that she’d never found before. When she saw the kindhearted and warm guy beneath the silent one people had seen for years, Bree was so eager to help Archer out and find his voice again.

Archer’s Voice is very well written. The whole story, the characters, and the idea are all perfectly built. Readers’ emotions are very well-played throughout the story. I found myself occasionally sobbing quietly, wailing like a walrus, and smiling like an idiot while reading. The more I read about Archer, the more I felt the urge to protect him in every possible way I could do. Archer character is very lovable. Even though he was described as a silent and isolated man but the way he interacted with Bree and how he positioned himself around her despite the lacking he had, showed us just how sweet Archer is. He might lonely and unsocial but he understood people very well once he knew them. He might not have a great role model in his life to look up to but he was a very independent and brave man. He might have a very awful childhood but he never really thought to hurt those who hurt him. He learned that the scar from his past had caused a very deep hole in his life and dealt with it. He was… well, Archer was so acceptive like that. I have to say that the attraction of this book is centered on Archer, though I liked Bree’s character as well. Her continued and determined efforts to bring the best out of Archer’s self along with the total devotion she had showed to him was very mesmerizing and touching.
I loved the ending the most! Even though there was a leap out that almost caused a heart-attack to me, I was glad that Ms. Mia chose to end the story that way. Seriously, the leap-out was so damn shocking that before I was able to flip the page to chapter 35 I already cried messily and so wanting to throw my reader out the window. Thanks God I did not.
I was really glad I came across Mia Sheridan’s books. The moment I read Becoming Calder, I knew that Ms. Mia must have a bunch of other awesome books. Her every word sparks romance and God knows what a sucker I am for romance. Archer’s Voice is so far my favorite and ―I’m sorry to the other romance books I ever loved but― is my most favorite romance book this year. Well, I never thought that even though I’d met so many gorgeous men and boys with funny characters before, Archer managed to steal my heart completely. The innocent ―yet surprisingly hot― and sweet Archer…
So going to read another book from A Sign of Love soon~
I’m here for you. I’m here because of you. I’m here because you saw me, not just with your eyes, but with your heart. I’m here because you wanted to know what I had to say and because you were right… everyone does need friends.
Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


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