January 30, 2015

Book Review: Kyland (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan

Kyland (A Sign of Love)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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“Life could injure you, but you could get up again if you were strong enough, and especially if you had the right person to help you out.”
-Kyland Barrett-


*clapping noisily*
*threw confetti in every direction*
*shaking everybody’s hands excitedly*
*happy tears streaming down on face*

God, I love this book! If Archer’s Voice had already set its claws on my heart as the best romance novel I’ve ever read last year, then Kyland definitely did the same this year! This latest book of A Sign of Love series which is based on the sign Taurus officially confirmed Mia Sheridan’s astonishing ability of writing romance novel. Once again she successfully outshone us with beautiful and inspiring story of hers. If you’ve been following every single book of this series, you’ll know that what I’m talking about here is completely the truth. No exaggerating at all.

Poverty and desperation. 

Folks living in Appalachian Mountain were way too familiar with those two words all along. They were like permanent label that they could never shrug until God-knows-when. Tenleigh Falyn of course knew that. Kyland Barrett sure understood that. 

Living with mentally unstable mother as the only parent they had, Tenleigh and her sister worked damn hard to take care of living expenses and the health of their mother. The trailer they’re living at was far from the term ‘appropriate’. There was lacking screaming from every corner of the place. No food, no heat, no electricity, absolutely no comfort at all. They knew just no matter how hard they worked in the rural, there would never be anything wrapping all these desperation up to an end. Tenleigh of course knew that. Despite the constant suffering the rural has been throwing at her, she could still discover little happiness on it. The beautiful view of glowing sunset over the mountain and small Denville public library seemed to give her warm, literally and emotionally. Tenleigh knew better to not enjoy the little happiness too much. She should do something for her mother and sister. The family only hope was Tenleigh. And her smartness. And something called Tyton Coal Scholarship.
Kyland Barrett understood that fate knew no mercy when it came to poor people. Poverty was one thing ―well, everyone in the area was. But loss and loss and loss seem oblivious to his agony. Kyland loathed the rural like no one could ever imagine for someone to loath a place living. He’s been planning on leaving Appalachia soon no matter how. He’s the only hope on the house. Just Kyland. And his smartness. And something called Tyton Coal Scholarship.
Tenleigh didn’t realize that her competitors include the strikingly handsome boy Kyland. The two encounters she had with him showed as if he was ignorant about the scholarship thingy. Now that they knew what each other’s goal in the end of school period, they could not help but feeling competitive all of sudden. Or so they thought.
Owing something from Tenleigh, Kyland found out himself couldn’t forgive what he’d done to her. But being the brave and strong Tenleigh, she was okay with that. Started with walking her home one evening, they began to know each other more day by day. As they realized something was definitely going on between them, they both gave different reaction on the outside. One of them would have to go soon through the scholarship. It seemed like there was no point to hold on what they had now. That’s exactly what’s on Kyland’s mind. But Tenleigh didn’t think so. No matter who would go in the end, she would never back off of whatever this was between them.
“I never expected to fall in love with you. And I thought maybe…”
…you could love me back. Even if you leave. You could leave loving me.

-Tenleigh Falyn-
When someone finally left their rural with a broken heart, the other one stayed there with a messed-up life. Just like their first encounter when that someone sacrificed to the other, that’s how the story ended too: another sacrifice done heartbreakingly.
“I do go to hell. Every day. For you.”
-Kyland Barrett-
Would happiness ever touch their sleeves? Could they even change their future with shattering hearts? Only time would tell. Only they could prove.

Mia never stops amaze me with every single word she chose to her stories. Kyland played with my emotion, hard. During reading, I didn’t think I could survive turning another page to reach the end. Well, I always know that Mia would gift us such joyful ending anyway but just all the scenes that I had to go through made me raise both hands in the air, feeling defeated to my very deep bone…
Kyland’s story is not just simply another new adult read to enjoy. It’s not just simply romance. It’s realistic romance. Slice of life. Lessons of life. The story contains everything we see in our real life. How poverty made people depressed. How rural people had stronger connection by heart than those who’s living in big city. How passion and strong good-will would make one’s future life completely different. How true love should have worked between two people. How misery, just how worst it was, would never overpower us forever. I would likely recommend this book to people on motivational group. This book talked a lot more than those speeches that sometimes people find boring. And this one effectively kicked right to my heart. Mia did an awesome job there building the characters, plotting the scenes, putting life lessons, hiding mind-blowing secrets under layers, making us cry…
I sobbed uncontrollably during the scene when Tenleigh totally laid her heart bare in front of Kyland. God, I loved Tenleigh. And Kyland… oh Mia please have some mercy
Kyland is the description of perfect man for me ―heck, for everyone, even.
I have never met a hero like him. He completely catches my breath with all that is him. Just… oh God, just remembering him now makes me want to cry again… and this is only a bit that I could spill to you. I would not say anything more for I don’t trust myself to not go crazy and yelling what he’d done for Tenleigh to everyone. I couldn’t help but having the song You Won’t Feel a Thing by The Script when I read about Kyland. It perfectly suited him. Big time! Well, here’s something to make you melt in no time:
“Tenleigh, when I say it was my choice to do what I did, ......, I meant that I did it happily. I mean that. I suffered, yes, but I realized I would happily suffer for you, because that’s what loving someone is. Willing to do anything for them, willing to make any sacrifice, suffer so they don’t have to. I loved you then, and I still love you now.”
-Kyland Barrett-
Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.
Kyland makes me go asdfkhasfhsjafas everytime I hear his name. I fell in love, hard, with him. I don’t think I could ever move on from him. Kyland makes me feel kind of hard to read another book soon without feeling like I cheat on him with another hero
Mia had a thing with surprising us over and over and over again with her character. Just when I think I already totally crushing and falling in love with Kyland, she had the nerve to slap me with another layer that hid his already perfect self. And I would not even complain to be ‘slapped’ again. Oh, and my favorite part was that they fall in love in a library and there was also ‘book club’ fighting that will swoon you in jealousy.
Simply said, this book is perfection. I will not say much so people want to read this book. Here’s the thing:
It’s either you read this or not.
If you don’t: your loss.
If you do: I’ll welcome you to Mia’s amazing world :)

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.

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