June 12, 2011

Personal Writing: Beginning-Ending Theory

Today, something figured out.
Well, actually I knew that. I even experienced it by myself. Its been a long long time but I still remember how it goes.
The beginning-ending thingy is the point. Sometimes you hear some say perfect beginning gonna lead to perfect ending. It's not true, sometimes. But most of all, it is not. Sometimes, you see the very perfect beginning of something in your life and you do really believe its gonna be long last and will b alright whatever it takes. Like in a relationship. But in the middle of that something you'll gradually see that its not as easy as you ever thought. 

This afternoon, once again, it revealed. Two humans were in love, deeply in love. Thought it won’t end. But it is. When one of ‘em finally found that the other one never really be deeply in love with their self. One will say, “suck, you lied to me!” when the other one say, “suck, you caught me”.
Were gonna have a feeling like,”I am so stupid. I should've known that somebody’s lying to me. It was so clear, I’m just too blind to see it cause that somebody was shining so bright right into my eyes. I’m deeply in love with that one but why it should end up like this?”
Instead, its a good way. I mean, the break means the ending is not perfect. But you’ll see, its good for you. Good for your heart, good for the future you gonna live in.
Today, something figured out: you better have a lame beginning with perfect ending than perfect beginning with lame ending. Trust me.


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