June 8, 2011

Random: Here You Are, Mr Cold :)

Its already 0:38 am here.
I got a bunch of exercises to do but it’s not the right time. I feel, err, lost?
No, sometimes I feel like theres a big hole in my heart, doesnt mean my heart got porous. But it feels like I’m losing something but I’m not exactly losing something, physically. Final test day 2 will b held tomorrow but I have no interest to open the books and read something about that major.
So, I turn my laptop on, and browse my blog. God, it’s like cosmological coincidence! Here he is. It’s been 2 months, I’d never be here in the same time with him. But I am now. I’m so glad, I even can’t describe how it feels inside. It’s like the big hole meets the fillings. He’s like, coming and complete me tonight. I am so happy having this little time to spend with you. I know youre so far far away, its miles away so far from the place where I stay right now, but you know what, I can feel you. You are there, doing your work and all that great things or mayb watching movies, idk, but youre ‘on’.
Well, now it’s time to confess something to you.
I deeply missing you. Madly wishing you always b here. I know it’s stupid but it’s normal cause I’m falling for you. Idc if you dont know what I feel inside cause idec if you are. Cause the point is, I’m in love with you and it’s enough. I dont want you to stay by my side. I just want to see you around, even if thru the screen but it’s okay for me. Well, thankyou for coming to my screen tonight. You are loved, you know. You dont have to feel like youre alone there.
I desperately miss you.
It’s already 0:59 am. Cant believe it took 20 minutes to write this down. What a shame. Well, see you thru the screen, I have to sleep, and you, have a nice lunch! :)


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