June 19, 2011

Personal Writing: Silliness I’ll Miss That Much

11:51 pm
got a bad sore throat, can’t close my eyes, my bed doesn’t feel comfort as usually.
tryna to remember what happened today, nothing special but I enjoyed it anyway. had a post test today of manufacturing process laboratory at 2 pm. but i did come to campus at 8:30 pm. there was something that forced me to come at that time.
well, i thought i’ll b in a very boring time but I was totally wrong. I walked to the 2nd floor then met 3 of my pals. we’d some chit chat instead studying for the post test. we talked about us, about life, about well, everything. then suddenly i thought i’ll miss the hours like that someday. i’ll miss us, i’ll miss the stupid conversation, the bench where we’d sit and talked about our silliness, the laughs that seems like won’t stop. we’re the sophomore and we act like the elementary students. it’s so stupid and i’ll miss it so much.
after the graduation 2 years from now on (amen) i won’t stay in Medan anymore. gotta back to my hometown. gotta back to the city where I used to be.
sometimes i think, i did meet so many people in my life and i’ll always do. friend, best friend they came everywhere I ever stayed. but as time goes by, one by one they slowly began to disappear from view but remain in my heart. i’m not in a middle of sayin such a cliche thing but it’s so true. i never really forget all friends that ever be by my side. i’m not that kinda person.
well, its a quarter after midnight, I guess i’ll go to sleep
tryna to think about life that I live here, I hope i’ll dream about tomorrow, when everything seemed so comfort and warm inside-outside. i guess it always be.


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