January 5, 2016

Monday BooQuote #1

Let's Say It's a... Booquote! is one of new features here in my blog where I post all of beautiful quotes taken from books. Thus, BooQuote! :)
Happy late Monday! 
Uh, I supposed to post this in the morning, you know, kind of quote-to-start-your-day thing but I forgot though I had this on my draft already...

Today's quote is taken from one of my favorite YA paranormal, Halton Cray, by N.B. Roberts. It's the first book of the Shadows of the World series and is inspired by Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontё! You guys should read it if you haven't because it's insanely good (you can check my review here!) and has so many quotable phrases that you'd surely love. Just like this one...

Awww... isn't it true and darn beautiful?

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great first Monday in this 2016 and of course, more great Mondays to come! xoxo


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