January 10, 2016

Anything Post: Blog Announcement!

Let's Say It's a... A..Anything! is a feature where I post random things like some babbling or random discussions about anything.


This is going to be a quick post but I'm going to make a short announcement for every reader of my blog!

This is partly sad news but I think I won't be spending the rest of my January finishing all of my TBR. As you might know, I have 8 books on my TBR list this month and being a slow reader I've only read 1 book so far like a queen snail I am!
I so won't be nailing my TBR like I said..... *sigh*

I'll be away for some short of business that lasts 3 weeks starting from next week and won't have much time to do some reading or even reviewing. And that, too, means I won't be blogging much here except for some posts that have been scheduled in advance to be posted within this month, like blog tour or weekly feature that I've saved on draft already (hey, I have upcoming blog tour with giveaway next week, so you better keep an eye on my blog!).

But don't worry, I might be able to steal a few hours to read and write a quick review about it because after all who could stand not reading for weeks? Me, that who.

Anyway, I will be coming back on February, hopefully, and will transfer books on Jan TBR that I haven't got a chance to read to Feb TBR. Meanwhile, feel free to explore through my reviews archive!

Thank you all for your visits and hope you enjoy my every post here!
Until then...


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