February 7, 2015

Book Review: Slammed (Slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover

Slammed (Slammed, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Well, Colleen is officially my favorite author now.
No explanation needed.

So last month I made a plan to devour all of CoHo’s books on February after I read Ugly Love and Never Never. I went around her website to find the reading order of her series. And Slammed series happened to be on the first line on the post so I decided to begin with this series. If Ugly Love was the one that made me fall in love with Colleen’s writing, then Slammed is the one that makes me totally deeply in undying love with Colleen’s writing. Really. I’m that in love with hers.
“You can’t run to another town, another place, another state. 
Whatever it is you’re running from –it goes with you. 
It stays with you until you find out how to confront it.”
Layken was having a very rough year in life through the death of her father. Being the oldest child in the family, Layken had to be the anchor to her mother and her 9 year old brother, Kel. As crushed as her heart, she should stay strong so their family could totally move on. Moving to Michigan was their next step to begin a new start. It could be a bad step. It could be a good one. Layken couldn’t guess it would be the latter, well, more like she wouldn’t want to. But maybe life was not that unfair to her after all. She only had to find out first.
The first time Will Cooper laid his eyes on the girl who just moved to the house next door, he knew that his life would be different start from this year. The first time he held her hand, he knew that he wouldn’t want to hold another girl’s hands. The first time he went out with her, he knew that she would be the only girl he ever really wanted in life. But who knew that life had this cruel habit of revealing the worst part in last minute. Just when he thought life would stop giving his rough years, it proved that life was really unfair to him after all.
Layken must be damned if life brought her up to the sky… only to slammed her down to the dirt, again. Meeting Will was the most beautiful gift she ever got. But what if her beautiful gift was bundled under sharp spikes? She knew that after one date that night with Will, she could see happiness for the first time after losing her dad. But then something –something that she could never imagine in her entire life- got on their way, leaving her heart broken for the second time that year.

Love could be the cruelest thing ever happened to ones’ life. Or that’s what Layken and Will could think of it now. When seeing each other every day was no longer give them happiness but sorrow. When holding on to each other seemed impossible now.
Layken and Will might be the unluckiest couple in the history of love. But surely nothing could get in the way, when the love itself was stronger than the storm that came. It would be up to them, whether they just chose to be slammed or they chose to slam them all in return.

God, I love this book so much. I read this book in one sitting! (Rarely happened these days… It’s the first on 2015). It’s kind of difficult for me to find a realistic love story in a book these days. Well, I must have been searching in wrong place… because (Where have I been in my life?) CoHo wrote this masterpiece years ago! Love love every single thing on this book! The poetry was all beautiful and heartbreaking. I’ve never been so heartbroken by poetry before. Loved Colleen’s writing style so freaking much. She had this thing to make every scene seemed alive with those little details. How she put young love in a very realistic situation that made me think that true love could really come just anytime. Loved how she made a damn heartbreaking scene looked not that heartbreaking, I mean it surely made me cry but I cried in acceptance, somehow. Loved every single lyric of The Avett Brothers’ songs written here. The characters of both Layken and Will were very well built. And what I love the most of this book was the storm that came between them was not in a form of ‘third person’ (I meant this not as a spoiler, alright? Just a little preview, I guess. You don’t think so? Well, sorry then…). When I thought things couldn’t get any better, it did perfectly. Colleen could not stop surprising us in this book.

Layken was really one of a kind for me. Even though sometimes I got annoyed by her stubbornness, I, in the same time, adored her as well. She’s so damn realistic, I loved her! And Will… ADSFKJDASFJHASFH!!!!!!!!
Okay.. okay…
He’s tall, handsome, and gorgeous.
He loves fiercely.
He is the best brother any sibling could ever have.
He has a good sense of humor.
He’s so responsible and polite.
Sounds common? Just wait.

*dies momentarily*


God, guy who does poet is like a biggest turn on for me…
Will Cooper is the biggest turn on for me.
He’s so damn romantic and so dedicated to poetry world. I seemed couldn’t stop grinning during their every moment. I had to several times cover it up with awkward laughs so that people could not see how pathetic I was, keep grinning at a book (but then they thought how silly I was, keep laughing at a book. Oh, well, whatever.)
I could not wait to ‘devour’ the next book on this series: Point of Retreat (on my way, now). I knew it; my tbr February list must be so very blessed… :)

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


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