May 3, 2015

Book Review: Guardian of the Gauntlet (Book #2) by Lenita Sheridan

Guardian of the Gauntlet, Book II
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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I started this book with an expectation of some improvements from book 1. I must say I was glad to find some yet other parts still remained the same which was pretty unfortunate. I’ll get into it in a bit.
The sequel of Guardian of the Gauntlet picked up four years later after Princess Camari had succeeded in taking a claim of the stolen gauntlet back. The gauntlet later was given to her as it was proved that she’s the one whose hand fit the gauntlet perfectly. Camari was then responsible in guarding the gauntlet and she had used it in a good path such as to help those who needed ones. And then one day a letter came from gnome kingdom that needed an urgent of the gauntlet through her. That’s when she decided to ask Prince Isryk to join the adventure just like the last time. There they began the journey to help the gnome while fighting all the barriers coming during the process.
Unlike the first book, this time I was intrigued from beginning chapter. The start was smooth and I found myself readying to big improvement coming next. Chapter one was winning, I admit. I liked how Ms. Sheridan decided to start the story by taking us to the scene of Prince Isryk thinking of Princess Camari. He was described of having a thing for Camari on the first book but constantly both of them was arguing nonstop while together. I really was hoping to find Prince Isryk and Princess Camari possible future later. Sadly, really sadly the author didn’t dwell on this part. I actually thought this very thing had a potential to engross the readers, though.
And the journey was the same thing happened during book 1. A lot of strange creatures came on their way to help the gnome. Ms. Sheridan once again showed good explanation of each fantasy creature and the surrounding they came across. But once again, the transition from one event to the next one was rushed; the plot wasn’t really built-up. There was this scene that was supposed to be the highlight of the story but it happened like… just happened and I was like,
*reading through the particular scene*“Wait…” *going back to previous page* *re-read**re-read*“Ooh! This is the climax!”*re-read*“Yay! Victory!” (while awkwardly waving pom-pom)“Well, then…”*continue reading*
What worse was that Prince Isryk (who actually took significant role on book 1) here was described total useless. I found myself questioning what the purpose of putting him on the journey together with Camari if in the end he was just going to constantly argue with her and make annoying remarks every so often?
What I liked the most was how Ms. Sheridan made Camari way more responsible this time. And she was such a humble Princess too, never forget to remind those who she’d helped to praise thanks to the higher power for the help instead of her or the gauntlet. Once again I think this book would make a good read for children because of the light plot and all.
3 stars for this book in the end (again the intriguing cover did it to me)!

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


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