May 31, 2015

Book Review: Thomas & January (Sleepless #2) by Fisher Amelie

Thomas & January (Sleepless, #2)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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I found myself keep glancing at this book whenever I browsed through the bookshelf on my e-reader. The pretty cover pulled me in every time, add it with how in love I was with the hero from book 1 of Sleepless series that I wished to meet similar character of hero in this book 2. Ms. Amelie still fascinated me with her writing. Actually, she just earned a special spot in my heart with the way she created the hero on her books (I’ll explain in a bit…). I loved that Thomas and January was not as depressing as Callum and Harper. I loved that this book was way more fun and made me laugh more than I did on the previous book. And even though I enjoyed it a lot, this book was not really a great read. It was enjoyable but okay. I liked it but didn’t madly in love with it.

For Thomas Eriksson, New York was representation of his old self that he so wanted to forget. Tie-Dye Tom, the cheerful, easy going, and laid back bassist of The Ventures was replaced by soulless, intimidating, and sensitive Tom after he got his heart broken by a best friend he thought he’d eventually ended up with. That was why the moment he got an offer to work as talent scout for a label in Austin, he didn’t think twice to take it up.

For January MacLochlainn, Austin was home but not where she wanted to stay forever. Her family was a fun big family where she could easily get comforts every time. Her only problem was the parents who seemingly were too excited for her to get a formal education in University. But it was not what she wanted. January dreamed to do music in real life. So when she met someone who offered her a position at a famous label in New York, she didn’t hesitate to take all the risk and nod her head yes.

Thomas and January met for the first time in a local bar in Austin. Their first meeting was unexpected and a little bit of everything. A bit of awkward, a bit of romantic, and a bit of comical. None of them expected a kiss on the first meet. But that was what exactly happened, leading to an awkward and furious moment afterward.

Fate brought them together again when Thomas and January were assigned on the same project in Europe. Thomas needed this project to get a higher position in the label while January needed the experience and some training from Thomas. Several days in Europe was all that needed for some truths to rise up from beneath the layer. The true feelings, true passions, and true colors from two people who seemingly was like enigma to each other.

I laughed a lot, smiled sickeningly a lot as well while reading this. I adored the character January when I first met her. She’s the kind of girl who knew exactly what she wanted to do in life. She was brave, strong-willed, and funny, too. I loved every joke she pulled out. Moreover those that she directed to ‘cold-hearted’ Thomas, it was funny as hell. And for Thomas, even though I didn’t feel anything for him at first, I later liked him when he finally stopped denying his actual feeling for January. I loved that the moment it happened, it happened unexpectedly.
“January, can I be candid with you?

“Hmm? Of course.”

“I find you to be…extraordinary.”

“You do?”
“Hell yes, I do. One of the most.”
“Thank you, Tom. That’s very kind of you to say.”
“It’s not kind, it’s the truth….”
(Chapter VII, Thomas and January)
I loved how he treated her once he confessed the truth. It was very sweet of him for wanting her in the best way, not in a reckless way just like how he’d treated girls before. I loved that their romance was built slowly on one side that eventually melted the other side. Their every moment was sexy and filled with steamy tension without actually presenting sexual scenes at all. This was what I actually want all romance books to be. Just through simple scene of them together, like when they talked or dined and without too much physical contacts involved, we could see their love clearly as bird on a blue sky.
That’s why I hated it that I didn’t love this book.
It was not because this book was written awfully or what. Maybe it was because the concept was not exactly grand. Actually the plot was a little cliché for me. You know, the kind of story where heartbroken guy met a girl, had a little fight at first but couldn’t forget each other, when they finally got to be together some misunderstanding happened, and a little drama afterward, they made up in the end. Unlike on Callum and Harper, the twists weren’t something heartbreaking either. But I did enjoy the romance and the funny parts. Also, I fell in love with Ms. Amelie for creating a very lovable male character on her every book. Callum and Thomas had a similar characteristic where they treated the girl they’re in love with high respect. As much as I love bad boys, I have a very soft spot more for good guys who put heart feeling above lust in his every move.
In the end with a very heavy feeling, I had to give this book three stars. Oh, well… :(

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


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