January 30, 2011

Personal Writing: The Right Man

So, here I am. Sitting in my bed with Viva Forever playing on repeat. Spice Girls. Aku ga begitu mengagumi mereka (I’m not really a fan of 'em). Hanya saja, Viva Forever telah mencuri ¾ bagian dari hatiku (It’s just, Viva Forever has stolen three fourth of my heart).
“Viva forever, I’ll be waiting everlasting like the sun”
In short, it means “I’m not leaving”. Omg, I’m thinking what kind of guy who’s lucky enough to be serenaded to this. But Spice Girls, yeah, Victoria sings it for the right man. Beckham. But me? Oh yeah, I couldn’t find the right one yet. Kalo boleh dikata, mencari cowok yang tepat itu 100% susah (Let’s say, it’s a 100% difficult to find the right man). Dunia semakin memburuk dengan caranya sendiri, 1:1000000 peluangnya untuk menemukan yang seperti itu di dunia yang hampir kiamat ini (the world is getting worse in its own way, the probability is 1:1000000 to find that 'right' one in this almost-over world). Sometimes, when I see a cute guy, there’s like someone groans in my head,
“Oh, girl c’mon. find a guy that fits your heart. Not fits your eyes”
Then I’ll laugh and I’m like “Well, you’re right”. And one day, when I think I’m falling for a guy, I feel like yeah, this one maybe that “right one”. And then as day goes by, the scary thing happens. I’m sitting in the corner and feeling like “omg, Taylor. Your song (read: White Horse) perfectly describes my love life. You blessed”. Then I’ll remember this sentence that I ever read:
“Dear heart, please fall in love only when you’re ready not when you’re lonely”
Omg, this heart –my heart-, I just can’t help it. This heart needs the other heart for beating together. This eyes need the other eyes for seeing each other. And my favourite song needs someone to sing it with me. Most of all, I need a perfect man. Err, no. I need an almost perfect man. The man whose heart has the same rhythm just like mine. So it’ll be such a great melody between us. And the last thing I’m about to say will be, “thanks God, I found him”


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