March 30, 2015

Book Review: This Much is True (Truth in Lies, #1) by Katherine Owen

This Much is True (Truth in Lies, #1)
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this much is ENOUGH…
‘If ever this couple gonna meet another hurdles between them in the future ―even the tiny one, I’m so going to LOSE IT!’
I kept telling myself this in my mind during the whole time reading this book.
And really… I lost it. Every. Single. Time.
This story contained the most heart-wrenching never-ending myriad of tortures I’ve ever seen in a book. I had enough I swear. Really. I thought I’ve met the most heartbreaking story before but this book, everyone… this book is worse! Far worse, I tell you.

Tally London lost herself the day that tragic event happened in her life. The entire plan that she’d been keeping neatly in mind shattered completely leaving her trying to putting back the remaining pieces. All she wanted was just to forget it all before she moved to another state to start a new life. For just one night, Tally decided to come back to her old self ―the rebel, fearless, brave Tally. A party where she could meet some hot stranger to accompany the night sounded like the right answer for Tally’s one-night escapade. 
Lincoln Presley was sure that nothing would get in the way of his soon-rising career. Everything was on track. Just like how his father wanted of him. The last thing he needed was distraction that could ruin the seemingly perfect plan he had. And he’d spent lots of time making sure of that. So when his cousin threw a party, Lincoln was more than just welcome to having fun a bit before things getting rougher in the future. But it might be a bad decision because that one night he met the biggest distraction ever happened in his life and nothing remained the same anymore.

Life sometimes had a habit of directing people to significantly different paths than ones they always had in mind. That’s what it did to Tally and Linc. Their encounter that night that seemed more like a mistake than fate was the beginning of the changing plan. But apparently it was flawed by lies ―that were hidden deeply and fames ―that both of them always dreamed of having. Could the truth make its way back between them? Once again, life had a mystery of changing the direction of their fate.

I tried very hard not to let my mind wander to the ’after’ scenes while writing the synopsis above because I’m sure I’ll just get my heart break all over again. I thought a week was enough time to settle my emotion down but man, had I guessed it all wrong…
I first found out about this book when I ‘met’ Ms. Owen on twitter. The title was so intriguing and the cover was so pretty, it got me thinking that the story inside must be those kind of cute romance and such…

I was pretty aware that my heart was long gone crushed into tiny pieces somewhere around the first one-third of the book but I kept reading anyway. Ms. Owen brought this ‘masochist’ side out that I never knew I apparently had within me.
This Much is True had a really well-built plot. Even though ones (me, included) might think that the storm in their life was too much, they were all presented very natural and made sense. Yes, it was ugly. Yes, it was heartbreaking. Yes, it was pretty cruel. But that’s life. Ms. Owen brought some important issues that young people nowadays experience into the story. She put them together in cause-effect scenes and explicitly delivered important messages to readers. I found myself thinking of the life lessons here despite of the gut-wrenching scenes. I’m so sure that Ms. Owen must be done quite vast researches for this book.
Well, now I wondered how Ms. Owen could even manage to get through the writing process while I, myself, had tried real hard not to break my e-reader in pieces…
Oh, and this book is a bit longer than the usual NA contemporary books so make sure you are prepared enough for the upcoming long torture when you start reading this.
Even though I was wishing for an epilogue or a bit longer HEA ending for Tally and Linc (YES! We got HEA here, don’t worry!) Though I kept catching myself being cautious and all guarded-up for some unexpected scenes, I was satisfied enough with what Ms. Owen offered in the end. It somehow balanced the long hurdles with its simplicity. It somehow implied the upcoming bright future of them. Well, I hope so :)

Love, read, and review,
Cynthia D.


  1. Thanks for reading This Much Is True, Cynthia. I'm touched by your thoughtful review. Please know that there are two additional books in the Truth In Lies series: The Truth About Air & Water and the recently released Tell Me Something True. Both books carry on the epic love story of Linc and Tally. I would suggest you rest up before reading though. These, too, are roller coaster reads. Thanks again for reading my work.


    Katherine Owen

    1. Hello Katherine!

      I've read the 2nd book! Ended up with me crying my eyes out for days (and still I couldn't bring myself to write my review, God, it's been so long!)...
      Now I'm preparing to read the 3rd one! So curious about the continuation of their story <3